The true pleasure of dildos

“What was the first sex toy you played with?”

If you ask a girl this question, a dildo will certainly be a popular answer. Dildos are among the most classical sex toys of the world. Invented for the pleasure of female masturbation, most of them are made of silicon in the appearance of a penis, being soft to the touch but hard to bend. Dildos are definitely not just a simple rod, to make it more “realistic”, many dildos from different sex toy brands paid much attention to the details, such as having veins on the shaft, some even have the ability to mimic ejaculation to let girls have a greater satisfaction.

Choosing the dildo just for you

Having trouble picking the right dildo? For first timers, every dildo might seem pretty much the same. In this case size should be the first concern in making the choice for your first dildo. Beginners or for girls with less sexual experience, small to medium size dildos might be a better place to start. As for more experienced players seeking for a more thrilling experience, larger sizes might be just what you are looking for. Some like the feeling of being completely filled up while others might want it to be just the precise size. There is really no definite rule in picking your dildo, you might even want to use a different size in different situations or, just in a different mood!

Picking your dildo with Toystify

Are you too shy to walk into a sex shop? Are you embarrassed by the salesperson’s enthusiasm? On Toystify’s web store you can take all the time you want to check out all the different brands, product descriptions, pictures and compare prices. When you have made a decision on which one to own, simply place an order and wait for the pleasure rod to arrive! The process is simple and straight forward, no more struggling to walk into a sex shop!

Common questions in using dildos

I’m really nervous before I use my dildo, is it normal?

One of the most common problems a lot of people encounter when they first get a dildo was they simply didn’t know what should they be doing with it. To put a new toy into yourself, the feeling is certainly a mixture of nervous, excitement and it can be a bit overwhelming! Do remember that using a dildo as a tool for masturbation is extremely common, have faith in yourself, take it under your own pace and it’s all under your control.

How different are a dildo and a penis?

Under the improvement of modern technology, manufacturers are constantly having breakthroughs in making appearances, textures and even temperatures of dildos closer to the real thing. The most obvious advantage of dildos is the size and hardness is all up to you. You can choose what fits you the most.

Are dildos the thicker the better?

It is not always true for everyone that thicker dildos are always better. Some people may feel uncomfortable with large dildos. No matter which dildo you choose, what satisfies you the most is the best for you. If you are not sure, try a smaller one and gradually move upwards for the thrills!

Do I have to use a lube together with a dildo?

This variates with different people, you can feel yourself first, if you think it is too dry to put the dildo in, do not hesitate to use your favourite lube with your dildo!